Jürgen Klopp: Champions League and English football

In an exclusive ​Interview with Sky Germany Liverpool’s manager Jürgen Klopp discussed the importance of the Champions League, the difference between Germany and England and some of his former players.

Liverpool are currently in a race for top four with the two Manchester clubs and Arsenal. Jürgen Klopp said: “I’m focusing on maintaining or improving our current situation. It would be a huge success [to reach the Champions League].” He also referred to Liverpool’s history in the last decade and added: “Looking at LFC’s recent history, you see that a lot of times they weren’t there.”

The Liverpool manager also paid respect to their rivals and continued: “Especially in the shark pool we are swimming in at the moment, there are a few other clubs who need to be there [in the Champions League] a bit more than we do.” But obviously the German coach wants to secure Champions League football and concluded: “At the end of the day, we’ll only be satisfied if we reach the Champions League.”


Asked by the reporter to share the biggest difference between his time at Dortmund and now at Liverpool, Klopp replied: “You have to win nearly all the time [in the PL], because the teams around you do the same. If you lose a game, there is a risk of losing the connection to the top. Therefore there is a lot of pressure in every game.” Klopp went on by saying: “There are more games here [in England]. But we got completely used to the situation; the style of play, the circumstances, the wind, all the things you don’t think about in the first place. We had all types of games now, but in the end it’s positive development.”

He finished of the interview by praising two of his former players. Klopp first talked about Bayern’s top scorer Robert Lewandwoski: “Lewandowski has taken one of the most exceptional development I’ve ever seen”, and concluded the interview by wishing Mario Götze a speedy recovery: “Mario Götze’s sickness is a reasonable explanation for everything that happened to him in the past few years. I’m 100% convinced​by the boy. He’s a special player.”


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